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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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israeli forces shoot dead seven palestis as tensions continue in occupied east jerusalem. >> hello, i'm darren jordan in doha with the world news on al jazeera. the u.s. says it's suspending a trailing program for rebels in syria. people smugglers at sea. and blockade that is causing chaos on both sides of a nepa nepalese issue.
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>> violent protests have spread from the occupied west bank to gaza. the palestinian ministry of health says in october, 14 have been killed by israeli forces and around a thousand injured. four israelis were also killed in a series of stabbings and shootings. hoda abdel hamid reports. >> it took six days to rush to body of the teen abler, his funeral was a show of solidarity and defiance. defiance that later turned into violence. palestinians took their anger into the street. here on betel on the northern edge of ramallah. many muslims suspect israel is seeking to change the rules governing the holy site which
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allows jews to enter the exowpped but nocompound but not. this was denied by prime minister netanyahu. after several hours there is no sign of the situation easing up. actually the palestinians youth were able to spread out in those fields, past the positionest of the israeli army. now, similar clashes were happening elsewhere, in the west bank. and also in gaza. the violence was the deadliest in gaza. earlier in the day protesters there had come out in support of the occupied west bank. they hurled rocks through the metal fence that separates both sides. the response was gun fire, rubber coated steel bullets stun grenades and tear gas. >> they which are taking position far from us and we moved away from them throwing
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stones. >> then came this video shown on social media which al jazeera can't independently verify. off camera, voices of bystanders at police shouted at police to kill her. she's surrounded and then shot point blank several times. she's in criminal condition. israel said she posed an imminent threat but many bystanders want to know why the woman was not overpowered. brace themselves for more fighting in the daze ahead. hoda abdel hamid, al jazeera, ramallah in the occupied west bank. >> the united states has suspended a program aimed at training syrian fighters to fight i.s.i.l. $500 million was set aside to equip and train thousands of
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fighters but only a hanld handful actually made it to the battle ground. rosiland jordan reports from washington, d.c. >> reporter: when i.s.i.l. fighters captured parts of syria in 2014, the u.s. came one a plan. train syrian rebels to go after i.s.i.l. instead. $500 million over three years to raise an army some 15,000 men strong. a year later the u.s. is dumping that idea and planning to give basic military equipment and support to existing groups including kurdish peshmerga. u.s. officials insist, the goal is the same. >> enable capable, motivated forces on the ground to retake territory from i.s.i.l. and reclaim syrian territory from extremism. >> fewer than 100 people graduated from the u.s. train and assist program and they collapsed when they entered the battlefield. it wea was an embarrassment fore
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obama administration. >> can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters remains? >> it's a small number and -- and the ones who are in the fight is -- is we're talking four or five. >> as i see it right now, this four or five u.s. trained fighters, let's not kid ourselves, that's a joke. >> u.s. officials say once the syrian civil war ends, these trained fighters should have a seat at the political table. >> one of the reasons to provide support to a variety of political groups in syria is to fight i.s.i.l. but another reason is to ensure that there are credible opposition factions in the country who could be a part of a transition. >> but with russia now running its own military operation he in syria the u.s. is worried there won't be any alternatives to assad or i.s.i.l. once the civil war ends. >> what we've seen so far in
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terms of russian military activity and the strikes that are taken are they are predominantly begins opposition groups. >> even with this one change in u.s. policy the situation in yrgts is stilsyria is still uns. rosiland jordan, washington. >> the u.s. says it will hold a second round of talks with russia to ensure the safety of the air campaign in syria. however at least five people were killed in an air strike in a camp for internally displaced people. another 50 were injured in a strike in the villages of adin in idlib province. iran's revolutionary guard has confirmed the death of a syrian general. his death brings the spotlight back on the battle for the city which has changed hands several times during the four year war.
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zeina khodr explains how both iranian and russian support for president assad's army has changed the landscape. >> general hussein hamedani's death leaves more questions than answers. a statement from the revolutionary guard says he was killed by i.s.i.l. forces while on a mission to advise the syrian army. some reports suggested the general was supposed to supervise a major operation to lift i.s.i.l.'s blockade of a military base. iran admits its military advisors are on the ground but denies it has ground troops. however, fighters are in syria, thousands of its fighters have helped president assad in power. in the past he has spoken about his overstretched army and a lack of manpower but now another assad ally russia has stepped in
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providing support from the skies. various opposition groups fight the government a few have hit i.s.i.l. controlled regions but sieferl is on the move. advancing on the ground. despite russian air strikes i.s.i.l. carried out a surprise attack. it is now at the door steps of aleppo too. it captured areas under the control of the opposition in the eastern country side of the province. i.s.i.l. now controls part of the main rebel supply line linking turkey to its strong hold in the city. aleppo is a subdivided city. the opposition controls the east and the government controls the west but assad's forces hold positions on the outer edges in the sheik majar complech. the group hamajar region.
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base for the opposition, i.s.i.l. already controlled the town of beb further east. opposition force he are stretched fighting two enemies on multiple fronts and now in hama province they are trying to hold off an advance by government force he that is supported by russian air strikes. another layer of confusion in the changing landscape ever syria's war. zeina khodr. al jazeera, beirut. military vehicles have lined the banks of the river in pyongyang ahead of a massive parade. earlier kim jong-un paid tribute to his father and grandfather. chinese officials were attending thattending theattend. lee young minh says kim jong-un
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wants to use the celebrations,. >> huge military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of world war ii, in that sense kim jong-un wants to show the world that is he as powerful in .respects as the show of force to the entire world. so politically, he looks to be fairly stable, the economy is another question. politically is he terribly isolated. the chinese are keeping a distance. as you know president putin has enjoyed closer ties to the north koreans in the last several years but over the long term china and north korea knows they simply cannot do without each other. in that sense, kim jong-un has wanted to reestablish a
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relationship with china. >> food and fuel sthornlings a e becoming more acute in nepal. indian government is unhappy with nepal's newly signed constitution. and also stuck nepalese who live near the border. subina shrestha reports. >> on the indian side of the border with nepal, despite the long delays the truck drivers still don't want to cross the border. >> i say there are a lot of incidents, a lot of trucks have been attacked. i'm scared to drive onepal, i won't go. >> many areas in nepal, along the border with india, have been under an enforced shutdown.
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residents have been protesting against nepal's new constitution which they say fails to represent them properly. more than 40 people have already lost their lives in the unrest. the indian government is also unhappy with nepal answer new constitution and has warmed the nepali government to get its house in order. then comes the blockades, they remain stuck on the border, causing chaos for many on both sides. >> translator: i've just had an operation and i'm facing difficulty here at the border. >> reporter: on the indian side, businesses are also losing revenue, after trade with nepal dried up. >> most of our business is with nepallies who came here to buy medicine. >> they will stick to their demand for constitutional amendments until their grievances are addressed. >> translator: we shall
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continue to fight till our demands are met. this is going to be the third and last battle we are going to fight. we have fought two battles already and lost two each time, but this is another issue for the parties. >> especially petrol and diesel are become cute. politician he are just not serious about talks and they're happy no break through yet. it's early morning and all these people have come out on the streets to call out to the politicians for a more meaningful dialogue. >> with more government talks on fridays friday to settle the crisis, some called on the prime minister to address the nation and explain what's going on. al jazeera contacted several government representatives for comment but they declined. following april's earthquake, the political argument over the
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new constitution and now the blockade. nepal is undergoing many changes. subina shrestha, al jazeera, kathmandu. everglades, will it come at a price for the air boat operators? more on that, stay with us.
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>> welcome back, the top stories here on al jazeera. the hamas leader in gaza wants supporters to join protests. a palestinian was shot early on saturday morning by israeli army at a checkpoint in occupied east 80jerusalem. the u.s. is dropping its program to train syrian rebels against i.s.i.l. only a handful actually made it to the battlefield. and north korea's mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of its ruling party. vehicles have gathered along the banks of the river in pyongyang they'd of the military parade. expected to be the largest in the country's history. support to european union plan, latest attempt to stop the flow of refugees trying to reach europe across our mediterranean
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sea. diplomatic editor james bays reports. >> voting to endorse a european union naval operation off the coast of libya. thousands of people have died making the journey. now, the eu will patrol the high seas and intercept and later destroy the boats. the u.k. which drew up the resolution says it will save lives. >> any smugglers stopped will be arrested and their boats will be seized. we must not allow callous people smugglers to profit from others' despair. >> however his libyan counterpart said he believed it would lead to more people going from libya to europe. >> libya believes that the migrants removed will actually increase the number of migrants and the number of migrants that enter libya through its practically open borders.
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>> the new eu operation will be limited to international waters, it doesn't go as far as the original european union plan proposed in murray, that idea is on hold. james bays, al jazeera, at the united nations. >> and the international organization for migration says there's been a surge in the number of refugees arriving on greek islands in the past week. up to 7,000 have been landing daily in october that's up from about 4500 last no. the iom says people are trying to make the journey to europe before it gets colder. after months of talks, the u.n. is proposing a unity government. four years after the full of moammar gadhafi, victoria gatenby reports. violence has deeply split people in libya. the country has been.wrapped in
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violence since the 2011 overflow of moammar gadhafi. armed groups engaged in daily fighting. the chaos has been made worse by groups claiming allegiance to i.s.i.l. now there's hope that a unity government proposed by the u.n. after months of talks in morocco may bring the fighting to an end. >> i hope that the unity government succeeds greatly because it has been too long and people are suffering, especially displaced people, we bill support this news government to start its work quickly. >> others though are skeptical, they are worried this will lead to groups like the muslim brotherhood having too much power. >> this is considered a
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conspiracy and libyans know that. it is unacceptable and we will have nothing to do with it and we will not support it. >> rival parliaments now need to approve the proposed deal and there are still many points of disagreement. >> we have the government location, where this government will be located. originally on the proposal the government is supposed ton located in tripoli but tripoli is controlled by gnc, what part would be playing after last night's announcement? >> if the proposals are adopted the east and west of libya will implement a government across the country. any delay forming the unity government would only prolong the suffering of the libyan people. the leaders are also worried
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that a advantage toker platform in north africa. a nightmare for northern europe which is helpin hoping the situn will. >> trade loins lawyers and human rights activists. they have been honored for helping build democracy after the revolution of 2011. nazanine moshiri reports. >> the nobel prize for 2015 is to be awarded to the tunisian national dialogue quartet for its decisive contribution to the building of a pleural ink democracy in tunisia in the wake
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of the jasmine revolution of 2011. >> in the end the nobel committee sent a powerful message on the importance of pleurallism and dialogue. while other so-called arab spring countries, tunisia's has been more peaceful. made up of four ski organizations in tunisia's civil so it. society. danger of collapsing. this was a period of social unrest and political assassinations, the quartet pushed for stability and inclusiveness and helped pull the country back from the brink of civil war.
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tunisia went on to pass a new constitution and head successful parliamentary and presidential elections. the nobel jury said they hoped the price would contribute towards safeguarding democracy tunisia. inspiration that is still needed in a country that is suffered from major attacks that have devastated its tourism industry. this maze priez may have been unexpected but it's given hope to many tunisians in this difficult time. nazanine moshiri, al jazeera tunis. max security area holding over 300 inmates. faulty wire is being blamed for the fire. believed to be living in one of the city's sprawling shanty
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towns. despite that the slums don't feature on are official maps. daniel schweimler has more. >> housing 40,000 people next to the railroad tracks, an eyesore close to one of the country raps most exclusive residences. that's our main worry and we believe the situation is to integrate these neighborhoods. >> the shanty town was established more than 30 years ago, on the edge of the city's flairtd reserves and it's not know where to go and reliable are infrastructure, cannot be installed without proper reference points. >> we don't exist because there's no interest in us from the city government.
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there's no political will to incorporate the shanty towns. we're the ones with the least. and have always been neglected. >> of course they exist, living their lines working bring up their children like anybody else but they don't exist according to the official maps. often ignored 50 authorities and the other residents of buenos aires. these activist for the association of justice and justd equality, are mapping alt the shanty towns. >> with this gps we walk the towns of corner of the community and then we mutt notes on web pages page. >> securing is not often a approximate. they want to be noticed, recognized, and received, to
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enjoy the same basic immunities as everyone else. but first they need to exist on an official map. daniel schweimler, buenos ayers. fest. >> daniel schweimler, al jazeer, buenos aires. president obama is in oregon to meet victims' parents. a unique way of life in one of the, florida's air boats from operating in the everflaidz andd
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the gladesmen will soon be a thing of the past. robert ray has the story. >> this is home to a unique community of locals known simply as the gladesmen. a community in danger of extinction because of new federal regulations that will virtually ban the air boats they use for transportation an to make a living. the federal government is concerned about pollution. and preservation in the everglades. >> really last to do with impacts to the wildlife, to the quality of the visitor experience, the impacts of these very plowed vessels really affects the animal's behavior and function in a natural setting. >> in 1989, congress ordered the u.s. park service to come up with a comprehensive management plan, now this landful of
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captains who can prove they used the area in 1989. because they will be given nontransferable life time permits. everyglades park is, expansion act, private air boat owners were about to go on 109,000 of those acres. today, credit with the application of this act, they will be have even fewer land. >> what's allowed what's not loud and how those will be in force, in the grand scheme of things. if we talk, time frame there's going to be no gladesmen in this area at all. no private individuals that live from the graves, survive with the glaits.
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>> the glades men would like to be the custodians have had a always been but don't see that happening. >> a quick reminder you can keep up to sedate with all the news on our website, there it is the address, >> i'm ali velshi. "on target" tonight, the cost of free speech. like i.t. or not there are limits to how you can safely express yourself in today's world. lus, race to the moon. private entrepreneurs picking up where nasa's apollo program left off. for americans tree speech is sacrosanct and it's guaranteed under the law in most countries in the west. but that doesn't marine that deposits don't enact elements on elements of free expression even here in the unitta


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